Friday, March 11, 2011


My Friday's Four new recipes is postponed BECAUSE.........(wait for it, wait for it) My friend Heather and I (the one who inspired me to do new recipes and blog about them) are going to be cooking up a storm on Saturday. I wanted to document it and have little segments of "Cooking with Heather and Tiffany" to add to my Friday's Four New Recipes Series. We wanted to start a Recipe book club that would consist of:
Recipe Book Club
Once a month get together on a Saturday Night.
Rotate who has to bring something each month= Appetizer, main dish, side dish, dessert, and drink . 2 people per course (see above). Samples-enough for everyone. Enough copies of recipe for everyone. Everyone will get to eventually get to bring all courses.
Everyone brings their own recipe books to share (bring 1 or 2 and then bring different ones each time we meet) and their own blank recipe cards to write down the recipes they want from others' cook books.

Hopefully we'll get it up and running in the next couple months. Not many people showed interest yet but I bet because March and April are pretty busy months with Spring Break and Easter and such...

In other news...The Bachelor Finale is approaching which makes me miss my college days because we would have "Bachelor or Bachelorette parties" on the night of the finale. We made cute little snacks and drank sparking white grape juice :) 
We had so much fun and now I'm watching it while the hubby is on his computer say every 5 seconds "Why do you watch this smut...." Oh well! Atleast I get entertainment out of it. I'm so on team.....

I hope she gets the final rose! Well it's Friday and I'm off to teach the cuties. They had their music performance last night and it was just darling! I'll post more on that later!

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Jayme said...

Hey there! I just happened upon your blog, and I am a fellow teacher/runner/home chef. ;) A recipe book club sounds like SO much fun!

New follower!