Thursday, March 3, 2011

"I meant what I said and I said what I meant..."

 "An Elephant's faithful, 100 per cent!"
Me as Horton and Amy as Daisy Head Maisey
Read Across American Day/ Dr. Seuss's Birthday was so much fun! This is what we did all week:

Monday: Crazy socks day- we read fox in socks and played some rhyming games. 
Tuesday: We went to the Adventure Science Center on a field trip. Much fun but CRAZY!
Wednesday: Dr. Seuss day. We did rotations all day for Read Across America Day. I read Horton Hatches an Egg and dressed up as Horton. I had a plastic Easter egg that was filled with Smarties. Whenever I said the word "Egg", they had to pass the egg carefully. When the last "egg" word was said, that person got to keep the egg. The kids from all classes really loved it! I used an awesome flip chart from, and then had the students draw something really important to them on an egg and then write instructions on how to take care of it!

Amy read Daisy Head Maisey and had them make Daisy head crowns.
Lacey read The Foot Book and had them trace their foot and write different actions they can do with their feet. She made it into a classroom book for me to keep.
Rachel read Hooray for Diffendoofer Day
Christie read The ABC book.
Rosemary read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.
I can't remember what the other activities were but the kids sure did have fun that day!
Thursday: We dressed up in all blue or all red for Red Fish Blue Fish! We read some more Dr. Seuss books and did some Dr. Seuss writing.
Friday: PJ day. We are reading Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book and doing some fun Dr. Seuss activities.

Next week starts Research week in Reader's Workshop.

As for workouts this week, I did really good on my 4x400 on the treadmill Monday. I didn't do my strength training Tuesday. I got up earlier on Wednesday and did a legs and butt strength training on Your Shape Fitness Evolved and after school I ran 3 miles in the neighborhood where my school is. It has tons of hills and lots of my kids and former students were out and about so that slowed me down a bit but it was nice to see them and say hi! Today, I was suppose to do 4 miles but I got caught up at school later than I wanted to be and only had time for one mile outside before it got dark. Derek and I played kinect sports for an hour after dinner. We played soccer, track and field, bowling, boxing and beach volleyball. We didn't play table tennis because Derek was getting tired and it was the last game on the video game so at least we played as much as we did.

Very exciting weekend coming up! Have a wonderful FRIDAY!!

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Alexandra Thiessen said...

LOVE your outfit! And, is there a better book than Horton Hatches the Egg?

So glad I found your blog.