Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Break Trip 2013

Our spring break was the week before Easter this year. We were definitely more than ready for spring break and I had an exciting trip planned with my hubby, his parents and sister. I'll recap day to day!

Friday March 22nd- Flew out to Phoenix, AZ

Saturday March 23rd- Derek and his dad went to an Indians spring training ball game. Kenzi (SIL), Sandy (MIL), and I went on a LONG walk to the shopping area. We went to some shops and ate lunch at this awesome burger place, SmashBurger. Great burgers and awesome sweet potato fries! When we got back from walking (a total of almost 5 miles), Kenzi and I laid out by the pool and got in the hot tub. The weather was gorgeous but the pool wasn't heated and it was like an ice cube! We ate that night at a little diner restaurant called The Village. They had awesome pie!

Sunday March 24th- We were suppose to go to an afternoon Indians game but we decided against it and took off for our side adventure. We were going to drive 6 hours to the four corners (Colorado, Arizona  New Mexico, and Utah) then drive a little over an hour to our hotel "The View" at Monument Valley. We decided after many stops (to see Montezuma's Castle, gas stops, food stops, bathroom stops, etc) to go straight to Monument Valley and get up to the 4 corners on Monday. We got to see the sunset at Monument Valley and it was a sight! We ate at the restaurant in the hotel, because it was the only restaurant around in a 50 mile radius. We were in Navajo Nation.  Kenzi and I split the Navajo Sampler for dinner and the others got fried chicken. The lodge where we stayed was really beautiful!

Monday March 25th- My sweet hubby's birthday. He was our faithful driver and drove about 12 hours on his birthday. We got up to see the sunrise. All of the rooms at balconies but it was REALLY cold! We wrapped up and took pictures. Kenzi and I took a silly video where she videoed some of the sunrise while I played "Circle of Life" from the Lion King in the background. The landscape just fit! :) 
We ate breakfast in the Lodge and then drove on the dirt road down to some of the monuments. We took off from there to drive to the 4 corners. We got there, took pictures, bought some navajo jewelry from the booths that were there and headed back to phoenix. We took the longer route to see the painted desert and petrified forest. It was really cool but we were all ready to be back to the warmth of Phoenix. 

Tuesday, March 26th- We finally get to all go to an Indians game! We rested up that morning by going to the pool/sun bathing and reading. The weather was incredible, mid 80s! The game was good but we lost. We enjoyed our seats provided by a radio station that Tom (FIL) gets free tickets to events sometimes. I really loved having my awesome zoom lens (70mm-300mm Canon) at the game.  We ate at Texas Roadhouse to celebrate Derek's birthday since we got back to Phoenix late on his actual birthday. We went out for ice cream later that evening!

Wednesday March 27th- We packed up, checked out of the hotel and took the in laws to the airport for their earlier flight. Kenzi, Derek and I didn't fly back home to Nashville until later, so we got to go to the afternoon Indians game. They played at another ball park this day that was beautiful! We enjoyed our trip but when we go out there next time for spring training, we are just going to stay put! Our rental car read that we drove 1,100 miles in the 5 short days that we were there. 

And there ya have it! Our spring break...a million pictures later!